Monday, March 1, 2010

More S'more

This weekend, spurred on by the first Mountain Bike race of the season and a couple days of sunny weather, we took the kids out to Buescher State Park for a cool 2-night camping trip.

When it comes to camping food, I fall back on my parent's rally call, "It's not were you go, it is what you eat when you get there!" Like some strange Pavlovian response, you say camping and I say Corn Pops. Nostalgia takes over and all hope for healthy eating goes entirely out the window. Food stuff that I never buy for us to eat at home appears in my cart and I think "oh yes, that sounds gooood!" Some would say it is the fresh air and exercise. All I know is that out there, under the stars and the moon, with the smell of ripe cedar popping in a campfire, all things taste good.

We had hot dogs and jalapeno sausages, Pringles, butter cookies from a package, Jiffy-Pop and roasted marshmallows. That was just the first night. The next morning there was bacon (BACON!) wrapped in tortillas with eggs, cheese, potatoes and green Tabasco. We ate salami and Boursin on Triscuits, Tuna sandwiches with American slices and snack-pac pickles. The kids had hot chocolate with marshmallows, cereal with marshmallows and roasted marshmallow s'mores, twice. I even bought Goldfish.

Maybe I am not the first well-meaning parent to fall prey to the lure of bad food under the stars. Was the western diet born out of our wagon-train history? Can I blame Manifest Destiny for falling 'off the wagon' this weekend? That would be strangely comforting.

We have another camping trip planned next month and I vow to try harder. I will not let eating outside become eating badly. I will make GORP and other healthy snacks. We will eat fresh vegetables and s'mores and we will be happy!

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  1. Holy made breakfast burritos!!! That sounds way too tasty! BTW, I thought camping was the only time we were really allowed to eat like that...isn't that the point??? Salami and mini goudas are the POINT of camping!!! Then again, I may still be running and swimming off the goudas from our childhood!